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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 5, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman, time for the best videos of the day and the stories behind them "right this minute." ♪ >> oh, hope this video reaches you. >> a girl named ali saw the video and made an urgent plea. >> help me find this guy. >> the moment we found him and got the story of why his face was all over facebook. >> like, yeah, that's me, i can't believe it. >> look at this tree. >> it's about to ball, so that's dad telling the kids to stay where you are. >> how a split second move leads to one close call.
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>> stay there, guys. >> an old border colley takes a rest. >> plops down. >> see what she doesn't know is sneaking up on her. and twins get ready for a big brother's concert. the performance that brought them to tears. ? maybe try reading a story. >> yeah, maybe, once upon a time -- ali benson is trying to find a good samaritan. had a great time, did as most young people do nowadays, gets on stage, picks up the phone to record it and it was knocked out of the hand, and iphone is gone. she gets a call from the apple store in louisville, kentucky. she has the phone. she send it to her. she gets it back and finds this video. >> hi, i found this phone last night, and trying to get it back to you. i plug it into your computer,
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and it said ali's iphone. i hope this reaches you. >> fkns annual music festival of all kind of crazy. this guy found the phone. he says he's going to take it back to the lost and found, but that is a black hole in which nothing comes out. he took it to the apple store. they identified the phone, found her, and sent it back. now ali mewants to say thank yo. put it on the blog, youtube, and said, help me find this guy! we have some researchers here who found the guy. that's tommy, and we have him on skype right now. >> happy to be here. >> how did you find the phone? how did the story go? >> i was there, like you know, and there was a phone on the ground, picked it up, and it was pretty smashed and broken and thought, well, would be good to get back. i took the video because it would be funny. went home to kentucky where i'm
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from, went to the local apple store, and i said, hey, can you find out who this phone is in yeah, we'll find it. a friend of mine message me on facebook saying, hey, is this you? . woman ended up being a famous blogger, and it was really out of the blue. >> have you actually talked to ali? >> yes, yes. i actually found her on facebook, and i followed her on twitter, and i sent her a facebook message, and she sent me something back saying thank you and everything, and, yeah, so we got in contact. it's wild. >> people on reddi suggest she did it to get a date. was that the motivation? >> that was the biggest surprise when i got on there. all the comments were hilarious. i knew nothing about her, no idea what she looked like other than her name was ali. >> what do you say to the people who find phones and keep them? they need to hear from you about the rewards of turning them in. >> i was thinking about how i'd feel if someone got my phone and
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returned it to me. it's hard, but remember what the right thing to do is. >> i want to jump through skyp, and hug you. >> we salute you, sir. >> thank you. >> this video is going to freak you out just a little bit. it's a crazy close call. >> uh-oh. >> these kids right here hanging out next to the dead tree. >> standing here on grand lake. we were told to stay. this dead tree here is going to -- >> why did you move? i told you to stay there! look at this tree. stay there, gang. woah! >> ha-ha! >> look at the bottom herement one of the kids runs right in front of the tree. just seconds after that first boy runs across, a big gust of
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wind comes in. >> woah! >> had he done it just five secs later, just a few seconds later, he would have been hit by the tree. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> lucky day for the boys, exciting, but definitely a close call. >> when dad says stay somewhere, stay somewhere. >> alex, if you had dope that five seconds later -- >> stay there, gang! woah! >> ha-ha! if i was to say there's drama going on with cars someplace, where do you guess? >> russia? >> russia. >> we start on a roadway, and pay attention to the white chevy because when they come to a stop, something's about to go down. >> oh. oh. >> right through the window? roll your window up. >> notice the face?
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>> looks like there's a bandage. >> a boxer or just got a nose done? >> probably got her nose done as a result of another fight. >> kicks the door and walks off. the reason for the fight? according to people who commented on the video, it was up provoked, but i have a feeling road rage is involved. now this video from a camera in a window a few floors up. this guy is getting revenge. the first thing he does of many things is to start to deflate the tires of the car. he's moving from tire to tired to do his dirty work, but the increase one is just plain gross, climbing on top of the car, unzips the pants to relieve himself. and then once he was done with that, he goes back into his car and, as we have come to expect
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from some russian dash cam videos, some criminal damage is about to take place. the police caught up with the guy, but i have a feeling he's going to have a lot of time to himself to think about what he did. >> yeah. we're going to head down under to australia for security camera footage. that is a dangerous male congress ree. they can get up to six and a half feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. notice there's something else. there's another animal. she's a little border collie. this is an older dog. she just plops downright there in the parking lot to take a rest. she's not paying attention to the kangaroo, but watch. >> oh, oh, like a sneak attack. >> he, he started kicking the poor innocent dog. >> this part breaks your heart.
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the camera catches the dog limping away. >> oh. >> but this man to the rescue, and you'll be happy to know the border collie is just fine. the kangaroo, however, got away. >> oh. >> now this next video, this is at the kruger national park. what you got there is a leopard mama, and leopard mama is after dinner. check out what that dipper is, you guys. >> a snake. >> that's a python. >> mama's not alone. little cub leopard is there too. >> fair battle, python, moving, striking. >> that python is enormous. >> yeah. >> how awesome for the guys to record it all. >> right. now, in this shot, the sharp claw scratchgight into the python and dragging it. i think it was the kill shot. >> the baby is coming out now
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that the snake is dead. >> the snake is dead. the leopards win, and this will be a yummy feast for the leopard family. a man leaves his wallet behind and -- >> guess who notices? that woman. >> see why her sneaky slice is not the surprising part of the story. >> she forget where she was? >> plus -- >> already full. >> someone has a serious fly problem. >> that's all flies? >> some are still alive. >> how they landed themselves in the ultimate sticky situation.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it is a blatant understatement to say that these videos and robberies in them are blatant. this was outside a convenience store in california, the clerk is outside the store smoking a cigarette and on the cell phone. you see a guy on the bicycle, rides up to the store, and the clerk walks back towards the door, stands there for a second when you see another man walk up. believed they were together, and before you know it, the man walks up to this. just stabs that clerk twice for his cell phone. the clerk manages to run away. the guy comes back and picks something up off the floor,
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possibly a cell phone, and they run off. >> oh, my gosh. >> stabs for a cell phone? this could be. a simple robbery if he gets caught, but now it's attempted murder. >> they released theed video because police are looking for them. >> to south africa. you won't believe this. in a police station in and the woman walks up to the counter to be busy doing something. another man walks up, puts paperwork down, puts the wallet on the counter and walks away. guess who notices? that woman. she looks around, wonders if anyone is watching not realizing there's a camera watching her. >> she's at a police station! did she forget?
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>> she didn't grab the wallet, puts under the paperwork and walkaway. awhile later, the man returns looking for the wallet. >> oh. >> at that point, that thing is way gone. time in the show for a little musical break. >> okay. >> this the beautiful, fantastic stylings of cameron on the s saxaphone, and his twin brothers are there for emotional support. >> exactly. >> immediately they are crying big crocodile tears. >> not a fan on jazz. >> they don't even know the song yet. they don't know if it's jazz or rock. >> could be twinkle, twinkle little star, their favorite one, guys. >> this video is 1:40 long,
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tears throughout, but sounded fantastic. >> brilliant. i appreciate it. >> reed instruments are difficult to play, and he has it mastered. that is not a bottle of lemonade, but a fly catcher. as you can see, look how many flies are in there. he explains how long that's been sitting on what looks like his back patio. >> this is from two weeks ago. completely full. >> oh, my gosh. >> cches a variety of flies a advertisement. whatever it is. >> all flies. >> some are still alive. >> well, it works. >> it works really, really well. >> the sad thing is there's flies on the top, and nobody's telling them, go away! >> probably think it's a fly
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disco. >> wow. he really has a fly problem. >> that's all flies? >> that's all flies from two weeks. the other was just after a week. this video was captured in utah. the man who posted it sayings they don't know the source of the flies, but they believe they may come from the horse property that is just behind their house. >> how do you kill them? >> get a real big fly swatter. bam. big, black, and beastly -- >> but it sometimes finds a match when it comes to nature. >> how mother nature shows the beast who is boss. and she knows how to rock. curls, a lot of hair. >> yes. well, you can have that hair style too. >> the youtube stars show us the secret to the style.
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totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces carare.e. smsmilile e ststror. this is a black beast, super atv. they take the vehicles out to the middle of nowhere and go offroading. they drive over boulders the size of a volkswagen beatle. it's not easy to do. the beast will find a match when it comes to nature. of course, the buddies come out, roll the truck back over.
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they just try to make it harder. apparently, let's spray water to make it extra slippery. they are doing the best to get up. >> spoiled again by a puddle. >> the engine smokes, backs up, and, oh, the brakes are not working, oh! >> oh. >> oh, no! >> yeah. >> and in effort to save the engine, he ruined the entire truck. >> i love how the guy is still in the water. maybe we should put the fire out? >> this is from red fort, all kinds of interests, features mike, and what happened is he put got hands on a gopro, but he's going to have his own. bringing it in, just over the head of the two guys, very close, but he's feeling cocky. going to get closer this time.
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>> oh, she really took him out! >> he was holding a camera, and we got the first view. >> came in quickly. there was a bang, but the best part about it, this boils it down. the gopro is beaten up, but survived. >> i forgot the hit the brakes. instead i hit the gas. >> grande has a beautiful mane, the big ponytail, very thick, curls, a lot of hair. >> yes. >> well, you can have that hair style too thanks to venus angelic's tutorial for us. you will need extra hair. you're going to need a few extensions once you put your hair in a ponytail. you are, then, going to need to
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part the rest of it. >> and now putting extensions because i want to have more hair. >> don't be afraid to bring in the extensions. >> oh. >> woah. >> brings the clip in. >> these are easy. she gets the extensions in, but now that she's got the volume, the hair, you have to curl it. use a curlingo nd. >> that's smart. >> basically, all you have to do is put up all your hair around the ponytail and down. >> there it is. relatively easy to have that hair style if you wanted to. a couple guys pulling legs by breaking necks. >> right? >> oh. >> what do you do in that situation? >> the prank that has people smile, especially in
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stressful jobs like this, man, you've done a good job with your day. diving into be a with
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friend. ♪ >> atwood is back, joining him this time, a popular u.k. prankster, sam pepper, and they are pranking people on the street. >> i'll be breaking sam's neck with this tune. >> all it is a plastic tube that cracks k a end he's making people believe he's breaking sam pepper's next. >> go down this, turn right. >> this is mine now, bro. >> that poor girl. like, roman atwood creeps up in a break hoody, breaks the guy's neck, and down sam pepper goes. >> people don't know what to do. >> what do you do in that situation?
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someone was murdered in front of you. >> go, go! >> this next guy, though, he tries to become a hero. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] -- >> i just knee the jewelry. >> [ bleep ] -- >> he starts fighting him off. that gives me hope in humanity that someone saw something so awful going on and stepped in. >> he's lucky he was not hurt. >> this is when pranks a dangerous, and he was oh, woah, woah, woah. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm kidding. >> ha-ha! >> excited to say that that fellow at the bus stop not the only hero in the video. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. don't say a word. >> they back up, scared to death, but they do not let fear take them over. >> of course, it was the roman atwood prank if the cops did not show up, but that's normal. that's just a day in the world of youtube. >> help me out, help me out,
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come on, help me. >> oh, you're that guy! with the videos! that's our show, everybody. thank you for joining us. we'll see female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train.
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